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Bonokathi’s Mystic Deul and the Legend of Echai Ghosh

In Bengal school of temple architecture Deul style has its own place. Divided mainly between Bongiyo deul and Oriya deul this particular shape of temple or place of worship are few in this part of Bengal but each of them are unique and enrich.

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Raipur Rajbari

Story of Raipur Rajbari

The Palace of Raipur, once a renowned residence of the illustrious Sinha Dynasty, is now deserted and dying in its own ruins. It serves as a reminder of fading times, lost tales, and the reality of time.

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Places to see in Jhargram

After Emperor Akbar awarded Raja Man Singh the Subehdari of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa, Sarvesh war Singh, a commander under Man Singh of Amer, founded the kingdom of Jhargram in 1592 AD. Sarvesh war Singh was a Fatehpur Sikri-born Rajput Chauhan dynasty member.

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Travel with Motoyogi

For the avid traveler, the world is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. The allure of tourism, the thrill of adventure, and the desire to explore new destinations ignite the passion of wanderlust. It's not just a simple journey; it's an exhilarating vacation packed with backpacking escapades and mesmerizing sightseeing.

Embarking on this odyssey fueled by wanderlust opens the door to a world of excitement and exploration. Adventure seekers, eager travelers, and enthusiasts of tourism seek more than just a vacation; they yearn for an immersive experience, a thrilling expedition into uncharted territories.

Every journey, every expedition is a chance to satiate the wanderlust that resides within the adventurous soul. From meticulously planning itineraries to diving headfirst into adventure sports, the wanderlust-driven individual seeks the extraordinary.

Setting out on this journey, each destination becomes more than a mere stop; it transforms into a haven waiting to be explored. The journey transcends the conventional, as backpacking enthusiasts traverse rugged terrains and serene landscapes alike, carrying with them the spirit of adventure.

Sightseeing takes on a new dimension in the world of wanderlust, evolving from a casual activity to an exhilarating discovery of unique cultures, breathtaking vistas, and hidden gems off the beaten path. Each destination becomes a canvas, inviting travelers to explore, capture, and share their experiences through their dedicated travel bl

Backpacking through distant lands, they immerse themselves in the essence of the local lifestyle, breaking free from the mundane. Every step taken, every sight seen, turns into an epic tale, etched into the memory of their travel blog.

The itinerary isn't merely a list of places to visit but a roadmap to unforgettable moments. It's an intricate web of plans designed to uncover hidden gems and witness the thrill of adventure sports in breathtaking settings.

For the adventure seeker, the traveler, the wanderer—the world is their canvas, and each journey is a masterpiece waiting to be painted. They embrace the uncertainty, revel in the thrill of the unknown, and find solace in the exploration of new horizons.

So, pack your bags, chase the horizon, and let the wanderlust within you guide the way. Your next adventure, your next destination, awaits with open arms.